Our commitment

"Kyoto udon" inherited the soup stock from Gion, Kyoto

A blend of bonito, kelp, and light soy sauce that has been handed down over 30 years in Kyoto, known for its dashi culture. Thin udon is characterized by its soft and chewy texture. Please try the clear soup stock and the soft, chewy udon noodles.

One cup, one cup, wholeheartedly and carefully

We put our heart and soul into each and every cup so that you can say, "It was delicious."

A shop with a Kyoto-like atmosphere

With a narrow frontage and a long and narrow floor plan, you can feel the atmosphere of Kyoto and the flow of the times in a warm and tasteful atmosphere.

A word from the store manager

While preserving the "dashi" and "techniques" inherited from our predecessor, we work hard every day so that our customers can say it's delicious. When you come to Gion, Kyoto, we would appreciate it if you could stop by our shop "Koume".

Specialty menu


Udon with MIYAZAKI Beef

Kasu-UDON 980円

deep fried beef offal

Specialty MIYAZAKI Beef 380円

-Charcoal Skewers beef-